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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Naperville Professional Photographer…Colorado

Sorry for not posting in awhile.  It’s been crazy busy with teens, work and travel this month.  I promise to get back to it next week with lots of fun pictures.  I wanted to post this picture that I took in Colorado.  I love the colors and the peaceful feeling that it has.  I LOVE […]

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Chicago Children’s Photographer…Spring Dance

Can I just say that having teens is soooo expensive!  I have just spent the past few days shopping with my 2 oldest children for clothing for their spring dance.  My son needed a new suit, shirt, tie, and belt.  My daughter a dress, alterations, shoes, jewelry, and a hair appointment.  Not to mention that […]

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Naperville Teen/Senior Photographer…Mother Daughter Time

As my kids get older I’m constantly looking for things for us to do together.  Just a little bonding time.  Of course it’s easy with my 10 year old because he loves being with me and is willing  to try just about anything.  My 2 teenagers on the other hand are a little more difficult […]

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Naperville Children’s Photographer…I Need Your Opinion

I need your help!  I have had this picture of my son for 3 years and still haven’t printed it because I can’t decide which one I  like better.  I never have a problem helping others decide what pictures to select but when it comes to my children suddenly I lose all ability.   I’ve decided to put it out there […]

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Naperville Chicago Baby Photographer…I Love Baby Rolls!

OMG!!  Take a look at the chub rolls on little Lola!  Could she be any cuter?  I have to say that there is nothing cuter than a naked (prounounced nek-ed in my house:)) baby.  Lola had so much fun having her pictures taken.  She was like a trained puppy showing off her new found skills of […]

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