Senior Session Information

Senior sessions usually last around an hour and half and include up to 3 outfit changes.

Tips for a successful senior shoot:

1. Plan several outfits to bring. You should arrange to bring several outfits to your photo session in a variety of colors, not just your favorite hue.

Bring along four to five options– including different styles, such as casual, semi-formal, formal or outdoors, we’ll narrow it down to three that fit the location and type of feel we are going for with your session.

Remember to bring accessories for all outfits, from footwear to jewelry and hair accents. Since several full-body shots are taken, check shoes to be sure they are clean and that both socks match! – that full-body shot could end up being your favorite pose.

Check your clothing ahead of time to make sure it isn’t spotted or faded, and transport your outfits (you can wear one when you arrive) on hangers to prevent wrinkles.

2. Keep your clothing visually simple.

Don’t bring outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures, except possibly your school logo (if needed). You want your face, eyes and expression to command attention, not the words on your shirt.

3. Give consideration to color.

Solid colors and small prints are recommended for most or all outfits. There are no rules for colors. Choose colors that work best with your complexion. Bright colors always look great and ad a pop to your images. For outside pictures, we recommend spring and summer colors of sky blue, pale green, watermelon and dark peach to complement the outdoor setting. For fall, consider wearing red, gold, deep orange, emerald green and dark green.

4. Use clothing to accentuate your best features.

High neck tops look best on people with long necks. Round and square faces look good in a square-neck top, while narrow faces or sharp chins are attractive with rounded-neck tops. Wide belts look best on people with long torsos while thin belts look best on short waists.

5. Go easy on the jewelry.

Avoid wearing attention-grabbing jewelry. Again, the photograph should accentuate your face, eyes and personality, not draw unwarranted attention to your jewelry. Also, jewelry can date a photograph very quickly. Classic jewelry pieces are best.

6. Apply makeup normally.

It’s tempting to get very “glam” when having pictures taken, but this could very well make you look like a stranger in your senior portrait.

Apply your makeup as you normally look on a day-to-day basis, but bring your makeup with you and let us know you have it. If we feel you need a touch more blush or eyeshadow, we will let you know. Avoid glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eyeshadow, blush) – it tends to reflect and leaves white spots.

Our studio does offer hair stylists and air brush make-up artists to add to the glamour of your senior session. Having these artists at hand during your session will help add a new look to each of your clothing/location changes. This will add a diverse selection of images for you to choose from. Not to mention that it makes the senior session feel much more like a model shoot. When you feel like a model it’s much easier to let your inner diva out during your session. Trust me it will show in your final images. Attitude is everything!

7. Bring powder.

If you have it, bring along some translucent powder. While in real life, a bit of shine to the face gives you that “dewy glow,” it unfortunately can look like “too much glow” in photos. We will direct you if you need to dab some powder on your forehead or nose. If you’ve added a make-up artist to your session this will all be taken care of for you.

8. Go with practiced hair styles.

Getting senior portraits done is not the time to leave your hair uncombed for that “natural” look. Also, avoid experimental hairstyles. In general, friends and family prefer to remember you as you looked most of your senior year, not just during the period when you had your pictures taken. We suggest working with your desired hairstyles a few days before the photo shoot to get the look you want in advance.

Get a haircut at least a week in advance to give your hair a chance to adjust and look natural. Girls having their hair styled for a formal picture can, of course, wait until the photo session day to get their hair done, but they should practice with their hair stylist beforehand so there are no surprises on picture day.

If you’ve added our hairstylist to your session we will be sure to change your styles between clothing changes. We will want to try your hair down in some images along with some creative up-do’s for a glamorous look in others.

9. Guys need a fresh shave.

A fresh shave for guys is recommended, and mustaches or beards should be neatly trimmed.

10. Don’t worry about blemishes.

Don’t worry about a blemish or bruise. We will present your images as finished beautiful portraits.

11. Don’t worry about braces.

Your braces are a part of the high-school “you” and shouldn’t be avoided or hidden. However, if they really bother you, or you only wore them a short time, we can work magic to make them disappear. Please ask us ahead of time if this is an issue for you.

12. Stay away from tans.

Don’t overdo the tanned look. For one thing, it looks unnatural. For another, your pictures could reveal peeling skin or a cherry-red nose.

13. Help your glasses avoid glare.

If you wear glasses either buy or borrow a pair of suitable frames without lenses to prevent glare and reflections from the glass. Or you can ask your optician to remove the lenses from your frames for the photo session. Most will do this for you at no charge, but give them plenty of notice so there is no rush.

14. Make sure your hands are presentable.

Like shoes, hands can show up in some of your favorite poses, so be sure to take the time to make them presentable – guys should trim their nails, and girls might need to touch up their manicure.

15. Practice your facial expressions.

Before you go to the photo shoot, practice your facial expressions in front of a mirror at home. You can try various smiles, serious but relaxed looks, and animated expressions for action shots (with sports gear, for example).

16. Work on your poses.

Although we will arrange your standing and sitting positions for a variety of shots, you can try out different stances and positions at home, in front of a mirror, or by asking for feedback from a friend or family member. The overall goal is to appear natural and upbeat. Searching through magazines is a great source for unique poses.

Full body pictures are taken, as well, showing a person standing, sitting, or crouching in a relaxed manner. Outdoor shots typically make use of background fences, trees, and attractive or interesting doorways. Varying your poses within these natural and architectural settings will give you a diverse selection of images to choose from. Never worry. I am always guiding you through the posing and helping with expressions.

17. Personalize your photos with props.

We invite you to bring favorite props to the shoot, such as balloons, books, musical instruments, or hobby items. You can even bring a favorite portable piece of furniture, such as a lightweight chair or stool.

18. Bring someone with you.

We welcome you to bring a friend if that person can help make you relax and take a natural picture. That person can also help with clothing changes and “double check” you while you’re being photographed to make sure your clothing hasn’t taken a turn for the worse or that your hair hasn’t come all undone.

19. Become comfortable with us.

Have a look at our website and the blog for location and posing ideas which might reflect the real you. Don’t be shy about asking questions, even during the actual shoot. If you don’t feel comfortable with a certain pose, say so.

20. Only take the photo if you’re feeling your best.

When the big day comes, if you’re not feeling your best due to a bad cold or too little sleep, call and cancel your photo appointment. We understand how important it is to look your best and will simply set up a follow-up time.

Investment-High School Senior

Your session fee also includes a premier order session. After 7-10 days, we will contact you to let you know your gallery is ready for viewing. We will schedule an in studio viewing session and slideshow set to music. We will also have products and prints to show you so you can touch and feel them so you know the quality that you will receive. Laura our studio manager will help you with any decisions and guide you towards the best choices for you and your family.

Alicia's Photography is now booking summer/fall sessions for the Class of 2017.

Senior session fees are $250, which includes 3 outfit changes, and 2 to 2 1/2 hours of shooting time. Your session fee is due at the time of booking to hold your appointment.

*Session fees do not include any prints or products.

A la carte print prices start at $40.

*Digital Files are available for purchase after a package minimum purchase is met.

Portrait collections, which offer considerable savings over a la carte pricing, start at $695. There is a $550 minimum order requirement for each session. Senior photo sessions take place on-location throughout the Naperville – Chicagoland area. We do have studios located in Naperville and Downtown Chicago for your convenience.

Children & Family Session Information

A standard session usually lasts approximately 1 hour and can be held in studio or one of my favorite locations. I primarily use natural light and natural backgrounds in my photography, so outdoors or natural lighting is usually best for beautiful portraits. I will take a little time at the beginning of the session to find the best light and surroundings for your session.

I try to keep things calm and relaxed. I will never rush you, and if your child needs to take a break, I am more than happy to stop so everyone can take a breather. I do ask that children be fed and well rested before the session so that they are comfortable when we begin. Please bring a few snacks (non-messy preferred) and water for them if they get hungry or thirsty during the session. We will most likely walk around a bit to get a variety of shots.

I strive to bring out the best in the people I photograph, and I will do everything I can to create beautiful portraits for you. If you have any special requests or circumstances, I will do my best to accomodate them.

Investment -Family Session

Your Alicia's Photography images will be an investment that you will treasure for years to come. These treasured memories are priceless and come with a lifetime guarantee. There is a minimum investment of $600 for a full session and $350 for a mini session. This minimum does not include your session fee.

Full sessions usually last around 1 hour. Mini Sessions around 30 minutes. Session fee is due at time of booking to reserve your appointment. Travel up to 20 miles round trip is included. A minimal travel fee will be required for longer distances. Session fee does not include prints or digital files.

Session Fees:

Weekday session $ 225

Weekday mini session $150

Weekend session $ 500

Session fee includes: The photographer's time and talent at the time of your session as well as editing 25-30 images from your full session and 15 images for your mini session.

Digital images are available for purchase after a print package has been purchased.

A la carte print prices start at $40. Portrait collections, which offer considerable savings over a la carte pricing, start at $775.

Newborn Session Information

Newborns are Alicia's favorite subjects to photograph because the opportunity to document a new little person is truly inspiring. The little fingers and toes, the wispy hair, the new skin, and the little belly button. Her style highlights the beautiful features that define your baby. Alicia combines her photographic talent and ability to gently handle newborn subjects to create distinct portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.

WHEN TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION It is never too early to book a newborn session. Please call to schedule before you have your baby. Because your baby's birth date is unpredictable, a time frame will be reserved for you. If you are given an induction or c-section date, the actual session date can be booked in advance. If you are letting baby decide, your due date will be noted and arrangements will be made as soon as baby arrives.

THE PERFECT AGE Alicia prefers to photograph babies around 6 days old. Older newborns tend to sleep less and do not curl up as easily. Newborn acne and cholic may flare up at around 1.5-2 weeks of age, as well.

YOUR SESSION Alicia operates her sessions according to each individual newborn. It’s not uncommon for the session to last 2 - 3 hours, allowing for plenty of time for feedings and comforting.

Hair & Make Up

We now offer hair & make up with any session with our talented hair & make up artist. She has worked with Oprah and many other celebrities and will be sure to bring out your inner beauty and make you look amazing. She will work together with you to create the look you dream about. Our stylist can also accompany us on the shoot to make sure you remain looking your best every moment and where possible will create new hair looks to match your outfit changes. You won't have to worry about smudged make up or stray hairs and can just focus on having fun and enjoying your photo session.

Please contact the studio for more details if you are interested in booking our hair & make up artist for your session!